What is Lifestyle Coaching?

A lifestyle coach, much like a life coach, helps someone reach particular goals. A lifestyle coach will help you set goals related to your lifestyle, co-create a plan to help you reach those goals, hold you accountable to the agreed upon plan, encourage and support you, and celebrate your successes along the way.

You may want to talk to me about lifestyle coaching if:

  • you are feeling stressed out and want to create a more peaceful, joyful life experience
  • your mind is running the show, and you want to take it back!
  • your health is waning and you want support around adding more whole, fresh, juicy, satisfying foods, or encouragement to stick to a movement or exercise routine
  • you’re feeling emotionally drained and you want help nourishing yourself through the creation of a loving, connected, community oriented lifestyle
  • you want to feel a sense of satisfaction by making a positive difference in the world, but you’re too busy to get involved, or don’t know how

You might be surprised by how easy it can be to make simple lifestyle changes that result in a healthier mind, body, and spirit. Keep in mind that small, consistent changes can lead to significant results!

Mind/Body/Spirit Lifestyle Coaching

Do you want to feel more at peace? Do you want to experience a deeper sense of calmness? Do you want to be stronger and more flexible? Living a mind/body/spirit connected lifestyle can help reduce stress and create a deeper sense of self-awareness, calmness, and peace.

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Vegan Lifestyle Coaching

Do you want to become more aware of your physical and spiritual health? Do you want a stronger sense of your connection to all life on this planet, and the planet itself? Do you want to find an easy way to create a stronger sense of fulfillment by helping to conserve water, ease pollution of the oceans, preserve ocean life and wildlife, save our planet’s natural resources, and help to end hunger and needless suffering? I can guide you through simple changes toward a vegan lifestyle that will make a positive difference in all of these areas!

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In addition to being a life coach, I am a lifestyle coach, level II Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, certified World Peace Diet facilitator, meditator, yogi, vegan health food freak, and lover of life on Earth. I would love to help you create a lifestyle that results in more peace in your mind, strength in your body, and freedom in your spirit. 

If this sounds like something you could use a hand with, please contact me for a consultation!