EFT Meridian Tapping Points

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridian points are part of an intricate energy system of the body. The purpose of tapping the meridian points is to encourage energy, that may be stuck in some places, to move more freely. There are said to be many meridian points, but in the EFT process, we only tap on some of those points. There are too many points to easily access them all.

Individual meridian points are said to relate to different organs and energy lines in the body and affect different emotions that we carry. It is believed that by tapping these points, along with speaking about the negative thoughts and emotions we are experiencing, the energy will move through the body, helping to release the negative charge and stress these emotions produce. Even if the meridian point for your specific emotion isn’t tapped, simply moving the energy through the body is said to help relieve the stress associated with all negative emotions.
EFT Tapping Points Model

 1. Karate Chop Point

Body: Small Intestine Meridian

Releases: feeling stuck, difficulty letting go, compulsiveness, worry

Allows: moving forward, letting go, healing from grief

Beginning Point for tapping used with the “set-up statement” 

2. Inner Eyebrow Point

Body: Bladder Meridian

Releases: trauma related pain, sadness

Allows: peace, emotional healing

3. Side of Eye Point

Body: Gallbladder Meridian

Releases: resentment, anger

Allows: clarity, compassion

4. Under Eye Point

Body: Stomach Meridian

Releases: fear, anxiety

Allows: sense of safety, contentment

5. Under Nose Point

Body: Governing Vessel

Releases: shame, powerlessness

Allows: self-acceptance, empowerment

6. Chin Point

Body: Central Vessel

Releases: confusion, uncertainty

Allows: clarity, confidence

7. Collarbone Point

Body: Kidney Meridian

Releases: feeling stuck, indecision

Allows: movement, ease, confidence

 8. Thymus Point

Body: Immune System

Releases: stress

Allows: courage

9. Under Arm Point

Body: Spleen Meridian

Releases: guilt, worry, obsession

Allows: relaxation, compassion

 10. Ribs Point

Body: Liver Meridian

Releases: anger, bitterness, unhappiness

Allows: peace, happiness, compassion, safety

11. Gamut Point

Body: Triple Warmer Meridian

Releases: despair, grief, loneliness

Allows: hope, calmness, positivity

12. Top of Head Point

Body: Governing Vessel, Crown Chakra

Releases: negative emotions

Allows: spiritual connection, energy flow

End point for tapping. Grounds and aligns the energy in the body. 

The information displayed above came from multiple sources and may or may not include all, or even accurate, information. I believe that the most important thing in EFT is your intention (what you want to let go of – what you want to bring in). What I find most helpful in the EFT process is the ability to get down underneath a negative feeling and gain insight into a problem – and that can bring a sense of understanding, and therefore peace. The experience of the tapping itself seems to bring down the charge around negative emotions. It is believed that letting go of the charge around negative thoughts and feelings will allow you to shift your focus to the positive intentions you have for you life, leaving you feeling relaxed and inspired. And this has often been my experience of EFT, which is why I want to share it with you!

If you’re interested in giving EFT a try, please contact me for a free consultation to see how we might work together.