It is a sincere privilege to partner with people in creating an environment where true change can happen. I just love witnessing people move toward a life that contains more peace, love, passion, and joy. The following statements are beautiful testimonies to this process.

What People Are Saying About Coaching Sessions with Me

There are a few essential and hard to come by qualities that my counselor must have. She/he must have the ability to make me feel heard, loved, and understood. Lisa is a master at this! I feel so safe talking to her that it creates a space for self discovery and healing. This in itself is enough for me but she also has clear insights and fresh healthy perspectives. She is a dream come true! ~Hayden Lilien, California

I’ve been speaking with Lisa for about a month now and she’s really amazing and helpful. I felt immediately comfortable and we formed a great connection. She is very insightful, a great listener, patient, kind and funny. She resonated with me in an amazing way and helped me with perspective. I was able to allow her thoughts and suggestions to sink into my heart and soul and develop a way out of my issues and what was troubling me and holding me back. She is quite knowledgable and compassionate and exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  –  A call that’ll change your life… if you’re ready. ~Cecily McCarthy, Colorado

Thanks, Lisa Vincent, for a truly inspiring, uplifting, deep, and enjoyable session. I learned a lot about myself and those interesting “thoughts” that often drive my emotional responses and highly influence my actions. Looking forward to daily dancing and mostly to showing up in an open, vulnerable, honest way with the intimate people in my life and not being attached to the outcome being any certain way. Ahhh, what a relief. ~Katherine S., California 

Lisa is astoundingly insightful and infinitely compassionate. You will come away from your time together feeling much more loving toward yourself and truly ready to create a life you love. ~Anna B., California

I kept talking to my friends about what was going on, when all I really needed to do was come see you! Anonymous Client, California

With everyone’s life changing it is good to be able to get support from a source outside of your circle. I spoke to Lisa a few days ago about some life changes happening with me. I could feel her love and compassion over the phone as she listened very intently. I felt very comfortable speaking to her about what was happening. She was easy to talk to and when she spoke it was clear to me that it was with love and out of love for my feelings and circumstance. By the time we ended the call I felt relieved, more balanced, and calm. Her insight into my circumstance was invaluable. Her listening skills and her words of love and wisdom offered me some healing in the moment I needed it. I recommend Lisa if you need someone to help you see the things you already know or need someone to listen. She is the most loving person to talk to. ~Neathasha, Missouri

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What People Are Saying About My Loving Your Body Workshops

“Very loving safe space.” “I loved the workshop. It was powerful and amazing.” “It was mindful, compassionate, deep, and profound.” “I loved the music and meditations.” “The time flew by.” “The lovely guided imagery was awesome.” “Powerful.” “Enjoyable.” “Useful for every woman!” “I have more self-compassion for where and how I am.”

I have attended many body love and healing workshops in my life, this was hands down the best. The work was thoughtful, deep, and profound. The teachings dealt with core beliefs and the exercises were extremely powerful. I felt deeply moved with so much love and compassion for myself and the others in the workshop. It was a transformational experience. ~Sarah Lakey, California
Lisa brings her heart and soul to her work, with vulnerability, wisdom, and love. And it really shows. She created a safe space instantly and it set the tone for a wonderful workshop. ~Rachel Fleishman, LCSW, REAT- Dance Your Bliss Facilitator, California
Lisa is a skillful facilitator and healer. Her workshop touched on many of the core aspects around body image and she gently, lovingly guided her participants on a journey of self-exploration compassion, empathy, and growth. Well worth the time. ~Heidi Hitchcock, California
If you’re in a body, you’ve probably got issues with it. Lisa’s compassion and motivational style will help you accept yourself as you are. ~Gwendolyn Evans, California –  “I noticed some changes in myself over the last few days. Usually I’m self-conscious about my weight when I speak in public.  Instead of thinking of myself as “fat,” I find myself thinking now of myself as “a different body type.” And I feel good about what I am.”
Lisa’s Loving Your Body workshop was informative, interactive, inspiring, and fun! I would recommend this well organized workshop to any man or woman who has ever struggled with their body image. I met wonderful people and came away with new and easy to use tools. Thank you, Lisa! ~Candice Youngman – The Juicestress, California
I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has ever experienced a relationship with their body that is anything less than loving and accepting (the majority of us!). Lisa’s gentle approach to this tender topic made me feel so relaxed, open to sharing, and open to experiencing everything that was present for me. A real gift! ~ Kelley, California
The Loving Your Body workshop led by Lisa Vincent was awesome! She provides important and valuable information and connects her own personal experiences to the material. The exercises are fun and powerful. She creates a safe space to explore these deep issues. I left the workshop feeling inspired, supported, and connected in community. ~Caitlin, California
This workshop was really powerful in helping me to see how much I beat myself up for something I actually put very little value on for other people. It also helped me to update my self-image and integrate it into my new way of understanding the body. Lisa does an excellent job of deepening our awareness of our thoughts and giving us tools to shift those thoughts over time. ~Anonymous, California

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What People Are Saying About the “Overcoming Jealousy” Course

Thank you for this amazing course! I came into the course with plenty of doubts that I thought it was helpless. But with commitment and willingness to put aside what I knew, the course truly took me to a completely different space that I’m forever forever grateful to be in. This course has altered my view about jealousy and hence how I relate to it in a completely unexpected, unimaginable way. I used to hate jealousy… But now I can trust myself to look at it and play with it. It’s still surreal to get that IT IS POSSIBLE for me to overcome jealousy. I feel like if I can overcome this I can overcome anything! ~Ngan

“It was a fabulous course and the balance between Mali/Joe and Lisa was really a perfect combination. Lisa’s sharing her own personal experiences was a huge help during this process. There were literally times where I was laughing out loud or feeling like I was looking in a mirror because many of the things I also have experienced were being echoed through her comments. Thanks for allowing us all to be privy to your thoughts, feelings and experiences.” ~Suzanne

Clearly I need this course! Now when I have those feelings creep up on me, instead of sharing my thoughts, I’ll take pause and think about where it’s coming from, and give myself an extra dose of Love thoughts.
I am very happy to find this course. I think I have ruined just about everyone of my relationships because of jealousy…. I am currently in a relationship with a beautiful woman and feel the jealousy coming over me and I refuse to let it take control.
I’m so grateful for this course because it’s truly raising my level of awareness on how my thoughts create my emotions. Although I still experience jealousy triggers, I am now aware that they are triggers and I realize that I have the opportunity to sit with them and see whatever thoughts arise (and the emotions that ensue) instead of running with any stories I create in my head. I am starting to play with the replacement thoughts, and think that they may be extraordinarily helpful in breaking the patterns I have developed in my thought-emotion cycle.
I’m finally starting to get that I need to come first and that it’s not about being self centered, it’s being centered in self!
This course has altered my view about jealousy and how I relate to it in a completely unexpected, unimaginable way!
I have walked away from this program with an entirely new way of thinking. Although I am human and continue to experience a rainbow of emotions each day, I can honestly say I no longer suffer from jealousy. The tools I have acquired from this course are priceless. I now have an awareness of the root of my jealousy and how to extinguish it. I absolutely recommend that anyone suffering from feelings of love addiction, obsession, jealousy, or fear register for this course. I could not be happier!
It’s still surreal to get that IT IS POSSIBLE for me to overcome jealousy. I feel like if I can overcome this I can overcome anything!
What a great course! I remember being asked if I would be interested in signing up. At the time, I was going through something. Although I felt it had nothing to do with jealousy, I thought it may be interesting to take since I’m always open to learning. To my amazement, this course helped me uncover negative core beliefs hidden deep in my soul from when I was a child. When they were uncovered, I immediately saw how it affected different areas of my life and broke down in tears!! It’s a course I highly recommend.

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